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  1. Zulkizil
    Akinozil 18.08.2019
    Now, with the "death of God", we give our own meaning to life. We choose to say that answering Philosophical questions on stack exchange gives us meaning. However we can also say that this is only subjective meaning. It's meaningful to us, because we enjoy it. But on an objective level, we're all going to die eventually. So nothing really matter.
  2. Mugore
    Tojarisar 19.08.2019
    Dec 09,  · (2) If we come to believe in nihilism, we will probably lose many (possibly all) of our evaluative beliefs. (3) If we lose many (possibly all) of our evaluative beliefs, then we will probably lose our subjective concerns. (4) Therefore, if we come to believe in nihlism, we will probably not continue to live as we did before.
  3. Garr
    Dousida 15.08.2019
    Metaphysical Nihilism (or Blob Theory): This is the theory that there are no objects or that objects do not exist, and therefore empirical reality is an illusion, or, more commonly, the theory that there might have been no objects at all (i.e. that there is a possible world in which there are no objects at all). An object, here, is a thing, an entity or a being that can have properties and.
  4. Grole
    Tygolmaran 17.08.2019
    Sep 27,  · Nihilism as an “ideology of nothing” would mean not that we adhere to a discernible system of beliefs about nothingness, but rather that the beliefs we have, or think we have, are equivalent.
  5. Yor
    Nikolkis 19.08.2019
    This is broken, because nihilism eschews the yes/no question of “matters,” since even having something matter at all is a choice. Nihilism also avoids the “do whatever you want” because to prescribe that is to give it a value. The only statement nihilism makes is that nothing is real except reality.
  6. Kijar
    Mazulkree 16.08.2019
    The basic principles which underlie nihilism existed long before there was a term that attempted to describe them as a coherent whole. Most of the basic principles can be found in the development of ancient skepticism among the ancient Greeks. Perhaps the original nihilist was Gorgias ( to BCE) who is famous for having said: “Nothing exists.
  7. Kijind
    Juzshura 19.08.2019
    We’re in such a hurry most of the time we never get much chance to talk. The result is a kind of endless day-to-day shallowness, a monotony that leaves a person wondering years later where all the time went and sorry that it’s all gone.
  8. Vogrel
    Bragul 13.08.2019
    Blocker and Starling, from whose book on Japanese Philosophy () we lifted the above Takeuchi Yoshimi quote, added this editorial comment: "we affirm that quintessentially Japanese philosophy too is nothing, wherever it goes" (ibid; my italics). In other words, Japanese philosophy is nihilistic, or even (an expression of) nihility itself.

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