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  1. Magis
    Grojinn 03.11.2019
    Crowned Hornbill Lophoceros alboterminatus Check out the full taxonomy and distribution of Crowned Hornbill on HBW Alive. HBW Alive contains information on Descriptive notes, Voice, Habitat, Food and Feeding, Breeding, Movements, Status and Conservation plus a list of bibliographical references for this species account.
  2. Vudosida
    Vocage 30.10.2019
    The White-crowned Hornbill, also known as the long-crested hornbill or white-crested hornbill, is a large species of hornbill with a length of cm and a weight of kg. Their plumage is black and white; the head, neck, breast and tail are white, while the remaining plumage is black.
  3. Gagrel
    Fern 31.10.2019
    Hornbills show considerable variation in size. The smallest species is the black dwarf hornbill (Tockus hartlaubi), at g ( oz) and 32 cm (1 ft 1 in) in length. The largest and most massive species appears to be the southern ground hornbill which has an average weight of kg ( lb), and can weigh up to kg (14 lb) and span about cm (5 ft 11 in) across the wings.
  4. Dikasa
    Shaktizilkree 02.11.2019
    Description: Also known as white-crowned hornbill. Large (85cm) long-tailed, black and white hornbill with distinctive fuzzy white crown. Large (85cm) long-tailed, black and white hornbill .
  5. Zulkijinn
    Kirn 05.11.2019
    Berenicornis comatus is a large hornbill, reaching a length of 83– centimetres (33–40 in) and a weight of – kilograms (– lb). Females are smaller than males. The plumage is .
  6. Dizilkree
    Malagore 06.11.2019
    The great hornbill (Buceros bicornis) also known as the concave-casqued hornbill, great Indian hornbill or great pied hornbill, is one of the larger members of the hornbill family. It is found in the Indian subcontinent and Southeast maaproxnasugirivenreledroreacon.xyzinfo impressive size and colour have made it important in many tribal cultures and rituals. The great hornbill is long-lived, living for nearly 50 years in.
  7. Mikabei
    Zuzuru 05.11.2019
    Beautifully illustrated and magnificently comprehensive, The Hornbills is the most authoritative treatment of all 54 species of these fascinating birds available. Found throughout the Old World--from sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Subcontinent to southeast Asia and Indonesia (to Papua New Guinea)--they are birds of the forest who survive largely on fruits and maaproxnasugirivenreledroreacon.xyzinfos: 3.
  8. Zulkikree
    Mikaran 08.11.2019
    Oct 09,  · The crown hornbill (Tockus Alboterminatus) is a slender dark woodland hornbill with a red bill and long black tail with white corners. The crowned Hornbills are of two races; the eastern and paler-backed Suahelicus and the western black-backed Geloensis. In their habitats you can find them either in pairs or family groups.

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